Going electric to help the disabled

When people talk about electric cars, they usually mention Green jobs and American ingenuity. Here’s a company that we think embodies them both. Based out of Texas, Community Cars is building the future of electric transportation for the disabled. Till now most disabled people relied on retrofitting cars, using caretakers or public transportation to get by. With Kenguru, [...]

Turn your electric car into a generator

Recent storms have left  millions of American homes without electricity for days. For electric car owners this lack of electricity was even worse as they lost both home power and their source of transportation. But new technology coming out of Nissan in Japan  is now offering electric car owners two way chargers that can stream the electrical current [...]

Public charging in Boston- a behind the wheel review

If you thought about switching to electric transportation in Boston, here’s a worthwhile read for you. Trying to calm his range anxiety,  Clifford Atiyeh spent a week  driving a Nissan Leaf through the streets of Boston. The result- one less anxious driver, and a review of public charging spots around town.