Where does the energy go?

This week the departments of  Transportation and  Environmental Protection announced a new goal of a combined fleet efficiency of 54.5 MPG by 2025. To attain this goal,  automakers will have to develop lighter, smaller, and more efficient cars. In order to see the inefficiencies of today’s internal combustion car, it would make sense to step back and [...]

What’s a Watt? Class 2: charging

One of the recurring questions we usually receive at the many events we attend is “How will I charge this car at home?” So for all of you out there, here’s a detailed answer. There are presently 2 major ways in which you can charge your cars at home, these are usually referred to as [...]

Come meet us at Greenfest

This weekend city hall plaza is going green and invites you to come and learn about the different ways in which you can live a more sustainable life. The annual  Greenfest opens Friday hosting tens of exhibitors and various panels. For those of you interested in transportation policy we’ll be there alongside our partners from the Boston [...]

What’s a watt? Class 1: Plug in Hybrid Vs. All Electric

When listening to electric car owners speaking, it almost seems that they have a secret language of their own. To clarify some of the lingo underlying the EV (electric vehicle) discourse, we’ve decided to launch our EV academy- a beginners guide to acronyms. The first decision potential EV drivers ask themselves is what type of car should [...]

It was great meeting you all at Circle the CIty

Thank you all for visting us yesterday at Circle the City. we had a great time answering your questions and getting you behind the wheel of our Chevrolet Volt. Many of you asked us about public charging locations in Boston (for the garage less). In response, the city of Boston has put together this map [...]

Come meet us this Sun. at Circle the City

This coming Sunday we’re heading out to the Rose Kennedy Greenwayto join our friends at Circle the City. To promote green and healthy living, the Greenway will be closed to cars from State St. to Oliver from 10am onwards. We’ll be there with the Voltrek Chevrolet Volt to discuss green transportation. We believe that the future of [...]