It was great meeting you all at Circle the CIty

Thank you all for visting us yesterday at Circle the City. we had a great time answering your questions and getting you behind the wheel of our Chevrolet Volt.

photo 3[3]

Many of you asked us about public charging locations in Boston (for the garage less). In response, the city of Boston has put together this map which has all available public access spots: (click to enlarge)

As we mentioned, we see electric cars as a component in a sustainable transportation network that relies on strong public transportation, biking, blading, and walking. EVs help compliment this picture by further reducing pollution and Green House Gas emissions making our cities greener and healthier.

For many of you this was one of the first time that you’ve seen or sat in electric car and we hope that it was an enjoyable experience. We’re looking forward to meeting you at future events, stay tuned.