Mission Electric is brought to you by EVboston.

EVboston is an initiative of the Boston Transportation Department, focused on introducing and building the infrastructure for electric cars in Boston.  Our mission is to make it easier for Bostonians, who choose to own cars, to purchase electric vehicles, which produce less noise, air and climate pollution.

Electric vehicles are making a comeback.  Their re-emergence creates the need for charging infrastructure at home, at work, and in public places.  Our city’s charge spots are being built as part of the Boston Transportation Department’s Complete Streets initiative, a multi-project effort with the goal of accommodating all modes of travel on Boston’s roadways by designing green, environmentally friendly streets and using new ‘smart’ technologies to improve mobility.  To see where public charge spots and home chargers available in Boston visit Boston’s city map:


Using public transportation, biking, and walking are critical elements of the city’s sustainable transportation system.  EVboston is one pillar in Boston’s strategy to improve our city’s air quality – aiming to reduce 25% of carbon emissions by 2025, and 80% by 2050.  The integration of electric vehicles plays a major role in encouraging the use of cleaner mobility choices.

EVboston collaborates with electric vehicle manufacturers, charging station vendors, federal and state clean mobility programs, area universities, research labs, and other cities around the country.  Boston partners closely with New York and Philadelphia through the Northeast Regional Electric Vehicle Partnership (NEREVP).  By pooling outreach, infrastructure deployment experience, and policy efforts, we’re keeping the Northeast at the forefront of clean vehicle usage.